THE CANNERY ROW CAPER - SeaWorld San Antonio

THE CANNERY ROW CAPER - SeaWorld San Antonio

Theme Park Production


One Ocean (Managing Producer)
Aquatica Texas (Design Development)
Opening Night Critters (Original Score)                                                                                                                                                                                              Mystic Sheiks of Morocco (Music Arrangements)                                                                                                                                                                 
Elmo the Musical, Halloween (Score)
Elmo the Musical, Christmas (Score)
O Wondrous Night (Music Producer)
Countdown to Christmas (Score) 
Shamu Rocks (Managing Producer)
Believe (Creative Development)
The Cannery Row Caper (Concept/Score)
Azul! (Executive Producer)
A Sesame Street Christmas (Managing Producer)
Riptide! (Producer/Music Director)
Blue Horizons (Strategic Development)
Shamu’s Rockin’ Creep Show (Exec. Producer)
Monster Stomp (Exec. Producer)
Night Before Christmas (Producer)
Shamu’s Holiday Night (Executive Producer)
A Dolphin Nutcracker (Executive Producer)
Sesame Street’s Bay of Play (Program Development)
Lights, Camera, Imagination! (Line Producer)
Haunts of the Olde Country (Effects and theme)
Escape from Pompeii (Audio Design/Effects)
Questor  (Audio Design & Music)
Alpengeist (Original Score)
O’Shea’s Irish Dancers (Producer)
Freedom Song (Writer/Producer)
Feats Too Big! (Music Director/Score)
Sing Out America (Music Director/Score)
This is Oktoberfest! (Music Director/Score)
La Festa Italiana (Music Director/Score)
Starlight Orchestra (Music Director/Arrangements)
Fiends in the Festhaus (Producer)
Hats off to Hollywood (Music Director/Score)
Journey into Music (Music Director/Score)
StageStruck! (Music Director/Score)
Totally Television (Producer)
Rockin’ the Boat! (Producer)
Sesame Brass (Director/Arrangements)
America Sings (Music Director/Arrangements)
The Amazement Park Review (Music Director/Score)
Red, Hot & Dixie (Original Arrangements)    

Aquatica Texas (Development & Project Management)
Sesame Street’s Bay of Play (Creative Development)
Howl – O – Scream (Producer/ Creative Director)
Halloween Spooktacular (Producer)
Christmas Celebration (Producer/Creative Director)
Summer Nights    (Producer/Creative Director)
Spring into Night (Producer/Creative Director)
Viva la Musica (Producer)
Aquatica (Development & Project Management)
Sesame Street’s Bay of Play (Project Manager)
Big Bird’s Beach Party (Line Producer)
Elmo Rocks! (Line Producer)
A Beluga Story (Executive Producer)
Shamu Story (Executive Producer)
Sesame Street Breakfast (Executive Producer)
Questor     (Thematic Treatment/Music & Effects)
Escape from Pompeii (Thematic Treatment/Music)
Alpengeist (Theme and Music)
Manta San Diego (Design Development)
Blue Horizons San Diego (Development)
Front Gate Design (Multiple Parks)
Shamu’s Smokehouse (Design/Project Manager)
Rosita’s Café (Project Manager)
World of Azul/Elmo’s Splish Splash (Project Manager)
Shamu Too! (Project Manager)
Penguin Encounter San Diego (Creative Design)
Animal Contact Center San Antonio (Design)
Rockin’ Ski Party (Executive Producer) 
Cool Vibrations (Executive Producer)
Fireworks, Laser Shows, Acrobatic & Ice Shows
Signs, Theme and Graphics

Other Venues

Celebrate America (Mansion America, Branson MO)                                                                                                                                                                              Music of America (Gaylord National Resort)                                                                                                                                                               
Four Part Harmony (Virginia Repertory Theatre/ Musical Theatre Works NYC)
Living Nativity  (Silver Dollar City)