Smithfield Castle


Heartfelt thanks to the Smithfield Strings (Smithfield Virginia) for premiering my latest chamber work "Smithfield Castle" on August  7, 2015. This remarkable ensemble is a great example of a locally grown, quality orchestra that embraces all ages and musical backgrounds. In the spirit of Coates, Holst and Grainger, "Smithfield Castle" evokes a wistful perambulation in the nearby Virginia countryside in search of a mythical (or is it?) castle. Scored for strings and piano if you listen carefully, you just may find the answer.

This is the kind of work that is emblematic of our support of education & non-profits. Every year, at little or nor cost, we create music for specific events and occasions that help us in our mission to support music education, live performance and locally chartered ensembles. Each of these works is custom scored for the specific needs of the ensemble and its members. By building musical lessons into each part of the score, we reinforce principles of musical technique and musicianship in the context of a fresh and exciting new work. If you are a music educator or run a local band, orchestra or choir, you may not think you can afford a custom score or commission. Think again. As we head into the magic of Autumn and the season of miracles perhaps you should be believe in a little magic.

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Thank you good people of Smithfield for your support of the Performing Arts and most especially to the great Smithfield Strings. 

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