Too Many Notes!

Since last year at this time I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of thousands of notes; notes for Muppets, men, women and children, notes for Altos and Tenors, Brass and Percussion, Strings and Reeds, dogs and hoof stock, notes for every variety of entertainment, educational and musical expression. The question is: was it “too many notes”?

I hope not.

There are only so many notes and musical inspirations in the universe and it would be a shame to waste any of them. I do know that the folks who have heard those notes themselves number in the millions and the people who helped me to wrangle them in the studio have led me to believe that the end result of our work is lots of smiles, laughs, a tear or two, some nickels in the corporate coffers and more than a few ovations.

And that’s as it should be.

Just enough to get the job done; “right sized” to the occasion. The economy of means in music matches the allocation of resources in the real world. Think of it as “lean manufacturing” for creative endeavors. Not too much; not too little; just in time, always on time.

Too many notes? I don’t think so.

Mozart’s detractors were motivated to accuse him of such excess because…well perhaps they were a little jealous; but too many notes? No. Just right; he wrote just the right amount of music to fit the occasion, move the heart, sway the conscience and nudge the needle. With passion, imagination and eloquent sufficiency. Just enough is usually perfect.

We’ve been blessed with so many great projects this past year and want to thank our partners for letting us help you to realize your musical dreams. May the New Year be filled with new opportunities for us all to do more of the same.