This past quarter I've worked with Broadway producers, folks in academia, a pop country singer or two, fellow musicians, a multi-billion dollar corporation, a gaggle of trombones and a non-profit. What do they all have in common? Music. They all have a need for music; original and unique compositions that tell their story, entertain their guests or sell their products. In the midst of this remarkable late winter, looking at the uncounted billions of snowflakes that have nestled all over my property, I'm somehow mindful that snowfall is not unlike composition: lots of tiny little parts that together form an aggregate infinitely greater than their sum. They don't just fall where they may of course; they are formed by micro-climates, driven by the wind, pulled by gravity and eventually, moved about where they can do the most good. Production and composition are like that; all sorts of external forces that shape, forge and manage notes in the expression of emotion that is the essence of what we do.

So give me a call and let's have some fun with music; we all collaborate and contribute but in the end I promise, the heavy lifting and shoveling is all mine. 

And I promise; no more bad puns. Well maybe a few.