Autumn in the Blue Ridge

I amuse myself daily looking at the natural chaos of brightly colored leaves superimposed on the rolling hills and landscape of Virginia. We look out on a flood plain of the Rivanna River and the contours of the river are echoed in the tree line and geometry of the river bank across the field and as far as the eye can see millions of small neatly shaped, beautifully colored leaves rest, shimmer, weave and dance in among the trees. What's interesting is that in the end none of them ends up there by accident; each sits where it sits because of unseen forces at work and when things go just right, when the wind and weather combine in just the right way it's magical. Beyond the physical layout of the leaves is the lighting and atmospherics and not inconsequentially, the mood and bias of the viewer.  Music is like that.

All those little musical data points distributed by unseen forces in exactly the right way filtered through musicians like light through a prism and placed by an unseen hand in exactly the right space and time. Beautiful. Thank you to all of my musical friends who have helped over the past 18 months deliver countless notes to millions of listeners. 

It's hard not to be grateful at this season of the year and impossible not to realize how lucky I am to work with such talent.

'tis the season. Be joyful.