Well here we are in the middle of Summer and that means, in the near future we'll be thinking about cooler weather, Autumn leaves, the change of seasons, the onset of that wistful holiday time of year when the solstice changes to the equinox changes to the solstice and the magic begins. Some years back, in the primitive days of analogue recording, (iron filings and acetate backing) I produced a small Christmas gift for family and friends called MINERD MUSIC WORKS "How Brightly Shines..."  Meditations and Celebrations for Christmas.

In the tradition of the great Alfred Burt, the minister turned composer who each year composed a simple carol for his family (many of which have become classics of the season) I thought it would be nice to try to capture the emotion and sparkle of the Yuletide Season  in a simple set of musical offerings that came straight from the heart.

All these years later, among the rubble of the online digital age I was surprised (charmed) to find this simple project out there in cyberspace for all who might chance upon it or uncover it by design. Odd. I never posted it but there it was. After a small (and successful) initiative to protect my copyright to the compositions and the phonorecording, I decided to make it available; as special as it is to me, it apparently has equally enchanted no small number of fans including the "forever anonymous" well-intentioned person who posted it for all to hear. I don't know who it was but I am forever grateful.

So for the first time in a long while, I invite you to enjoy my simple little gift from a far away Christmas, long, long ago.