Minerd Music Works is in 25 Countries and Counting

Some years back we wrote what we think is the definitive collection of American fife and drum music, recorded it using "authentic ingredients" (think rope tension drums with calf skin heads) then optimized it for commercial media production.

Distributed by John Parry Music this collection has been used in television (on all of the major networks, classic shows like “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, news programs like The Nightly News on NBC, documentaries on National Geographic and many others), film, interactive media and radio in more than 25 nations around the world from the United Kingdom to China and back. Why does this humble little project ring such bells in producers worldwide?  I think there are two things at work here.

It's simple AND without saying a word, it "says" "Freedom". Like all good commercial music it speaks instantly to the brand. The “brand” in this case is The United States of America. If Cola is “America in a Bottle” then Fife and Drum is “America in a Soundbite”. When you hear it you think one thing only: America and our birth in the American Revolution; the shot heard around the world; "The World Turned Upside Down" (one of the authentic songs in the collection) and like that cola, the image, the feeling and the dream, that a tiny bunch of radicals took on the big guys a couple of centuries ago ... and won.... makes people smile.

So how did we do it?

First, we worked long and hard on research using only the most authentic melodies from specific periods in American History. Then we created some original tunes specifically for producers who needed to tell a slightly different story but who needed that same instant recognition. Then we wrote for 4 weeks; pencil and paper in hand during a cross-country tour, (you haven’t lived until you’ve worked in pencil on a moving bus) and finally we booked musicians who were the real deal.

I smile when I think of a national in a foreign land hearing that iconic, classic sound knowing that they instantly think: America. Or an American traveling overseas who feels an instant connection to home.

Why did we spend so much time on this simple project and why am I choosing to share it with you? Because we put the same attention to detail into everything we do. Because when you hear one of our works for one of YOUR projects it speaks instantly to the brand and the emotion at hand. Whether it’s for theatre, advertising, an attraction education, or the concert stage, we deliver hand crafted musical excellence using every tool at hand, most especially our heart and mind.

I live in Charlottesville Virginia adjacent to Jefferson family land; it's not to unusual to hear Colonial sounds in the air. We raised our family in Williamsburg, Virginia where the Fife and Drum Corps from Colonial Williamsburg thunders down Duke of Gloucester Street every day. It still gives me chills.

We look for these musical truths in everything we do; simple, instant and authentic. True to the emotional quotient of the project; the power of story told through music.

The story of America told in simple unison strident cadence and relentless and compelling power.