The cogs and wheels on our home page are there for a reason. They're a wonderful example of how form and function work together. Each of them is just a bit different from the next, their shapes and patterns reflecting the specifics of their purpose. The cogs need teeth to mesh with other cogs to make things move; smaller radius gears bring power and larger radius gears bring speed and together they bring efficiency.

The moving parts of music and creative work are like cogs; they either mesh or they don't. The trick is to find the right  "parts" for each job. Gears, people, notes and harmony all bring specific attributes to the machinery of projects and music and it's our job to custom craft each one.

Some of the wheels have what appear at first glance to be ornamental attributes. It's interesting to notice that they are not identical from wheel to wheel, cog to gear so some design decision was made along the way when they were made. But were these decisions based on specific parameters of form or function? Or both?

We're researching this issue but if are our instincts are right, it's both. Form and function working in concert to provide a solution. We get that.