Colorado Chamber Music Festival

It’s Party Sunny in Colorado! For many years, the brilliant and innovative chamber ensemble “Pastiche!” has performed a work they commissioned from me that seems to bring a smile wherever it’s played. Far from the sometimes stuffy confines of classical music, the intrepid and fearless members of “Pastiche!”: Dave Scott, (trumpet), Jan Fillmore Scott (Clarinet), 
Noriko Nikki Tsuchiya, (piano) and Thomas A. Blomster, (percussion) bring a fearless and entertaining approach to their craft. Their passion for new and innovative works has helped reinvent the world of chamber music to critical claim around the world.

“Partly Sunny” is a set of instrumental variations on the theme…. “You are my Sunshine”. Whether it’s the much loved melody itself, the unspoken message that music is the language of happiness or perhaps (we hope) our slightly irreverent, whimsical (and technically challenging) approach to the music, its performance by this breathtaking ensemble unfailingly elicits enthusiastic applause and more than a few vertical ovations.

Thank you “Pastiche!”