Music Education & Non-Profits

More than anything, I enjoy crafting custom scores and finding creative solutions for Music Education and non-profit organizations who would otherwise not be able to afford such services. I love working with the professionals in Nashville and beyond but nothing is as much fun or in my view as important as this work.

Case Study #1: The Kentucky Governor's School for the arts

Premiere "The Legend of Kirsten Piils"

Premiere "The Legend of Kirsten Piils"

This June I had the privilege of attending the premiere of my work "The Legend of Kirsten Piils” at the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts Summer Session held in beautiful Centre College in Danville, KY. Written especially for the professional faculty chamber ensemble and accompanied by an original narrative poem it tells the story of a young, intrepid girl from Denmark, ca. 1583 who famously wandered into the forest on the eve of the Summer Solstice looking for the magic that seems to be at its strongest at that time of year. 

The work was written specifically for this ensemble and occasion. It contained lessons for the students and served as the foundation of my lecture on the essence of music and its relationship to mathematics and the natural sciences. 



Case Study#2: basis school north san antonio

I recently had the fun of writing for a brand new band at an innovative charter school in Texas. the director only had a few students but blessed them with his own enthusiasm and love of music. 

I got to know the capabilities of his little team and included a simple musical challenge for each player; I knew that when they each had mastered their parts they would also be better players. Their parts were like little etudes for them to study, a painless way for them to improve range, technique and musicianship.

"They Rocked It! I Can't Wait To Tell You All About It!"  Was The Note I Received From The Director after the concert.

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"As A Composer And Arranger Doug Has That Rare Ability Of Being Able To See The Big Picture, At The Same Time Knowing And Realizing How Each Individual Part Ultimately Impacts And Influences The End Result. Add This To Those Qualities That Make Him An Effective Leader And You Get A World Class Producer!" - Chris Jordan BASIS School North San Antonio, TX



Computers for Kids provides mentoring and a safe environment for low income kids to work on projects that range from coding to video production, music, literature, science and engineering. Matched with an adult mentor, each child works through a project of his choosing and when it's done C4K provides the student with a free computer opening windows on the world for a child who would otherwise not have that privilege. Minerd Music Works got involved not only helping to design and source equipment for the recording studio and video suites but providing overall strategic, creative design ideas for work spaces, offices and traffic flow.

"It was a thrill to be able to apply years of theme park design and interactive learning to a project for such a fun, diverse and talented group of young Americans." - Doug Minerd